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Stand & Expand
Two-Part Program
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Where Do I Stand?
First Course:

Come with a Curious mind and a Willing heart to acknowledge the Indigenous ancestors of where you live;

  • to connect with your place in the Universe;

  • to explore your social justice & worldview; and

  • to recognize your personal creative stand / stand for your Self.

Using tailored inquiries, we will Uncover these and illustrate them by tracing our feet (or hands), and using Metacognitive Drawing, painting and/or collaging images to represent our Stands (Stances).

Where Do I Stand.jpg
You will need:

  • a large piece of watercolor or multimedia paper (14" x 17" suggested minimum size)

  • watercolor or acrylic paint in colors you enjoy 

  • brushes or sponge brushes in a couple of sizes, including a liner brush, and water;

  • markers, pens, pencils, crayons or drawing/coloring implements of your choice;

  • images or words from magazines (optional);

  • Mod Podge, glue stick or gloss medium

And absolutely NO artistic experience or talent needed!

Second Course:
Expanding Self Awareness

Vital to the development of one's critical

thinking skills is an understanding

of what one already believes. 

How does one know where to go without knowing

where one came from and where one is now?

Discover hidden belief systems

and how they shape one's 

understanding of Self and the Universe.

This in-depth course facilitates exploration

of one's Standpoint ~ the unique perspective each of us brings to our understanding of our Selves and

our experiences ~ and engenders an evaluation of whether those views continue to serve.

Expanding Self Awareness 2_edited.jpg
You will need:

  • Wrapped canvas, minimum size 16" x 20", suggest square and/or larger canvas

  • Acrylic paint in a variety of colors 

  • An assortment of acrylic brushes, including "scrubby" style, spray bottle, and water;

  • Charcoal, pencils or chalk to trace your head in profile

  • Masking or other removable tape

  • Journal or paper to record observations & reflections

  • Images or words from magazines (optional)

  • Glue stick or Mod Podge (optional)

And absolutely NO artistic experience or talent needed!

"Clarity Is Freedom"*

Redwoods in Armstrong Woods

*This phrase is from the work of George Kavassilas, and used with his permission.

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