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Barbara, thank you for all the ways you help me remember how to be me …

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"Barbara Daughter, my colleague from a PhD program at CIIS, reached out to me in a moment of anguish, gathered a tribe of colleagues together and offered an Intentional Creativity session on the gifts in your sacred basket that involved some art making, some journaling and some sharing of insights. I have the painting to this day--to remind me of the gifts she helped me to remember--the ones that are in the medicine basket I carry--as healing truths about me. I am grateful for her friendship, her lineage, her learning from Shiloh Sophia in the tradition of Intentional Creativity, and I honor her as a loving presence and teacher/facilitator in the world. If you have a chance to study with her, or partake of her offerings, I encourage you.”


Beth Benson

Barbara's Medicine Basket workshop was enlivening and magical.  Barbara created a sacred container for students in which they could bring forth their ideals and aspirations and express these through the media of paint and paper.  Playing with paint is such an enjoyable experience. Having an opportunity to join the sacred act of play with heartfelt intention was a gift.

Dr. Annette Williams,

Chair, Women's Spirituality Dept., California Institute of Integral Studies


Barbara has been excellent in helping with clearing a lot of mental and physical negative energy. Using art and body practices, she helped me find a great way to let go with what was holding me back!

Ali Harris-Abbott,
Coaching Client

"Receiving support from Barbara has been an experience and decision that i'm very grateful to have made. 

Sharing common ground with another artist, and student of life has reminded me of the innate wisdom that we all carry and when we choose to listen can come from anyone.

Barbara has supported me tremendously in such a gentle and inspiring way, by encouraging me to grow deeper with my art, and the profound subtleties that life is always offering, as well as, helping me to gain a deeper trust within myself."

Victoria Serna, Coaching Client 

Victoria Serna.jpg

Julie Barnes


shared this after a recent class:
I attended Barbara Daughter's class on Finding Your Muse of Feminine Wisdom.  Long ago I did art in school and still remember the frustration of trying to make things look right, and thinking that I was the only one not getting it.


Barbara had several ways to get around that fear! She started us off with a guided visualization of a journey to meet our muse. My muse was a bear who gave me a small enamel pin.

Julie Barnes_edited.jpg

After this almost magical approach, Barbara led us through a more schematic way to draw a face, starting with a U shape and adding various other curves.  We then moved on to our paint. Much to my surprise we did not immediately try to reproduce our drawings but instead reconsidered the visualization.


We made seemingly random strokes; one color for the road, another for the muse we met, and another for the gift we collected. Only then, when the terrifying blank space of the just unwrapped canvas was tamed, did we start to paint the faces.


Did I call the face drawing schematic?  The paint method was not. It was a repeated layering process, putting lines down, adding color,  obscuring and moving old lines.  Barbara often reassured us that the steps were not permanent but were just steps.  This helped me let go of the idea that I had to make it look right. I became much bolder in mixing colors that one might think did not go together because I knew we were building up colors, shapes, lights and darks in pursuit of some whole that I had not seen yet.


I think I found a way to deal with some of the frustration of things not looking right. Embrace the process. Do the steps. With frustration out of the way, creativity has a better chance.

My name is Dr. Sarah Glenn.

I have a doctorate in Psycholinguistics and have participated in and given hundreds of workshops and seminars. I am also a trained Life Coach psychologist, integrating many approaches. In addition, I am an inexperienced but enthusiastic artist! I write all of this to preface my appraisal of the experiences I have had with Barbara’s Intentional Creativity and Metacognitive Drawing. Every group session has been an immensely enjoyable and personally enlightening process.

Sarah Glenn on rock.JPG

Barbara brings to her sessions a truly astounding maturity, flexibility and skill adjusting to each person’s needs and art level, weaving us together in a beautiful way as she too integrates into her guidance the breadth of her own learnings to the situation at hand. All of us emerged joyfully with a meaningful piece of art, and with deep insights. 

I am now looking forward to a few private sessions to go even deeper into my own stuff, although I will not give up on the spiritual gifts awaiting with some more group work, too. Thank you Barbara for stepping up and sharing with us All You Are!

Stephanie Hunt close-up

Stephanie Hunt

shared, "Barbara is one of the most compassionate and authentic humans I have ever had the privilege to meet. She has a tremendous grasp on the restorative power of interconnectedness.  Barbara’s acquired knowledge has translated into a mastery of creating a space which lifts others with a radiant energy. Barbara does not speak to be heard; she speaks so that you are heard. She is a gift and I am so excited that she is opening space for others to grow through her spiritual and creative expertise."

Barbara is a wonderful artist, teacher, and spiritual leader. I thoroughly enjoyed her Medicine Basket offering. The experience was a magical blend of ritual, artmaking, spiritual communion, and transformation. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to this soul-nourishing gathering. 


Samantha Catalina Sinclair,

Life Coach

Samantha Sinclair.png
Monica Mody_edited.jpg

Monica Mody,

Poet and Author,
posted this 

 "My Legendary Self: Fantasy DNA"
This [is a] stunning painting by Barbara Daughter
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