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The purpose of my Spiritual Life Coaching services

is to facilitate your own connection to 

your deepest, most fully-realized Self.

My coaching begins with an initial consultation to identify

your path and the areas where you need support. 


Package options include one-on-one,

deep-dive Zoom sessions, which typically begin with 

Honoring Your Connection to Mother Earth. 

Subsequent sessions will have a specific focus, 

typically one of those listed below,

along with creative self-expression,

and optional homework.

Aside from Closure Facilitation,

each of the areas of focus are also available 

in group coaching sessions and/or Courses.

Honor Your Connection to Mother Earth

Each of us is incarnate on a living being we call Mother Earth. 

Who is She?

Discover your unique relationship with our Mother Planet.

Explore and

deepen your relationship with Her and other beings in our Solar System and beyond.

"Clarity Is Freedom"

How do you know where to go without knowing

where you came from and where you are now?

Discover your hidden belief systems and how they shape your 

understanding of Self and the Universe.

Closure Facilitation 

Have you learned all that you can from a particular situation?


Find out how you may benefit by my facilitation of a Closure Process specific to those circumstances. 

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