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Embody Your Soul 
Spiritual Life Coaching

When you bring your whole Self into your awareness ~ 

your spiritual self, your physical self, your personality,

your beliefs, your relationships, and more ~

you can create the ecosystem in which you can grow and thrive.

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In allowing myself to explore multiple spiritual paths and teachings, I have had the opportunity to be informed by all of them. As I continue to expand my understanding of our human being-ness, our world, and our relationship to the Divine, I create a platform for you to explore and expand your own awareness.


From there, we co-create meaningful inquiries to delve more deeply into your soul's callings and needs, which allows you to more fully Embody Your Soul! 




My life experiences have been shaped by my spiritual beliefs and understandings, as have yours,


whether you are aware of their impact or not.



These words from Matt Licata's book, A Healing Space, capture the heart and spirit of my approach to clients in the coaching process:

"Although I hope to invite you into deeper participation in the mystery as it appears in and as your life, I do not have any answers for you. Rather, I see my role as helping to illuminate the immensity and even magic of the questions themselves. The nature of these questions is unique and communicated in a language and in images created specifically for you. My words are only fingers pointing to a moon already rising within you, and my sole intention is to guide you back into the creativity and intelligence saturating your cells at this very moment, whether you feel worthy of it or believe you are a mess or have totally fallen apart. Even in these moments, you are being held by something vast. Let us provide a temple or sanctuary for your own wisdom-essence to emerge as we go through the book together."

Matt Licata, A Healing Space: Befriending Ourselves in Difficult Times, 2020.

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