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Personal Studies and Explorations

Becoming You Art

  • Certified Intentional Creativity teacher

  • Intentional Creativity Guild member

  • Co-curator of MUSEA

  • Frequently exhibit paintings at local galleries

  • Featured artist at Fairfield Suisun Visual Arts Association gallery, exhibiting over 10 of my original paintings

  • Sell original and high-quality reproductions of my paintings at conferences, galleries, and local events

  • Teach a variety of Intentional Creativity workshops in multiple settings to small and large groups, both in-person and online

  • Continued studies in Intentional Creativity, including Gold Mind, VIVID, Radiance, Dancing Entrepreneur, Hydra's Flare, Meridian, Insight, and Catalyze.

Barbara and Shiloh Sophia_edited.png

Barbara with Shiloh Sophia, 2017


Personal Studies and Explorations 

  • Independent study of Goddess and earth-centered spirituality, since 1978

  • Sacred Depths Certified Coach Practitioner program, with Joanna Lindenbaum, 2022

  • Curriculum Lab program, with Joanna Lindenbaum, 2022

  • Master's in Philosophy and Religion with a Concentration in Women's Spirituality, California Institute of Integral Studies, 2013

  • Ortho-Bionomy™ bodywork, with Robin Jane Wilson

  • Cella Training, Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, with Jade River

  • Wheel of the Year, exploring Euro-American traditional teachings and celebrations

  • The Life Training Program

  • Conflict Revolution® training, with Barbara With

  • Light Speed Transmutation®, with Natalie Kawai

  • Esthiology Licensure, Aveda Institute

  • Certified Home Stager

  • Advanced Cognitive Trainer, Learning Rx

  • Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, with Shiloh Sophia

  • Closure Facilitation and Reality Management, with George Kavassilas

Becoming You … 

  • Edited technical workbooks for use in Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly training program

  • Edited multiple- and single-author books from first inception to print

  • Edit Master's theses, PhD dissertations, journal articles, other academic papers, board reports and technical manuscripts

  • Edited pamphlets, short stories, poetry and articles for individuals and non-profit organizations

  • Beauty, health & wellness multi-level marketing business

  • Developed and expanded health, beauty, and wellness MLM business into bodywork practice

  • Business Owner/Skin Care Therapist

  • Designed and marketed own line of handcrafted jewelry

Work Experiences

  • Sales and Marketing Director and Community Manager of independent and assisted living/memory care senior living communities, RCFE certification

  • Operations Manager of local math coaching business; Advanced Cognitive Trainer in franchise setting

  • Make-Up Artist for professional make-up line; Business Owner/Skin Care Therapist as independent contractor

  • Computer Instructor and Academic Writing Tutor, at Fortune 10 company

  • Membership, computer support and administrative positions at trade association for nursing homes and senior housing

  • Direct care, administrative and supervisor of support staff positions at hospital


Pertinent Volunteer Experiences

  • Vice President, Maplewood Homeowners' Association Board of Directors

  • Circle Co-Facilitator, TGM women’s group

  • Taught Intentional Creativity classes at local visual arts association

  • Invited Exhibitor of artwork: "Marjory -> Emma" at MUSEA's International Women's Day celebration

  • Invited Exhibitor of artwork at "Women Rising: New Visions of a Post-Patriarchal World," sponsored by Women's Spirituality program at California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Intentional Creativity presentation at “A Day of Healing,” sponsored by Women’s Spirituality program at CIIS 

  • Planning Committee, Association for the Study of Women and Mythology's (ASWM) 5th biennial regional symposium

  • Editorial Council, OCHRE, A Journal of Women's Spirituality

  • Leader, Women's Spirituality spring retreat, California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Recruiter, Volunteer Services, MN United for All Families, Vote NO! Campaign

  • Moderator, Women's Spirituality fall retreat, CIIS

  • Group Facilitator, Euro-American women's cultural awareness and personal growth group, Powderhorn Phillips Cultural Wellness Center (PPCWC)

  • Fundraiser, Gift for a Gift, designed and delivered culturally-based targeted fundraiser for PPCWC

  • Invited Committee Member, Inter-association employee committee, developed employee awards and values statement for MHHA/MHHP

Allison, George & Barbara.jpg

Barbara with George Kavassilas and Allison Spencer, 2019

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