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Barbara C. Daughter, BSW, MA in Women's Spirituality


Artist ~ Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher 

Spiritual Life Coach ~ Author ~ Professional Speaker

Since a young teen, have ardently pursued my personal and spiritual growth and development through a variety of practices and religious / spiritual traditions. This pursuit led to completing my Master's degree in Philosophy & Religion with a concentration in Women's Spirituality, as well as working directly with advanced spiritual teachers, honing my awareness of and connection to the world beyond the seen and what is widely-accepted as "true." Through both my academic studies and personal explorations, I have continued to return to and deepen my connection with our Mother Earth and many of Her nature-teachers.


As an artist, I work primarily in acrylics, preferring large-scale “magical realism” paintings of imaginal, inspirational and mythical women. From the time when I was a child, I have created with my hands, from fiber arts to jewelry-making, and I bring years of proficiency as a professional make-up artist to my Intentional Creativity art and classes. I have studied with Shiloh Sophia, internationally-renowned artist and founder of Intentional Creativity, but am otherwise self-taught. As a teacher of Intentional Creativity, I create the space for others to explore their own creativity, inner messages and healing, while rendering and illuminating them on canvas and in their lives.

Based on my years of study in a variety of modalities (see Personal Studies and Explorations), I offer techniques and support to connect one with their infinite nature and sovereign Being-ness. As an experienced mentor and spiritual life coach, I am able to offer an eagle's eye view of one's circumstances and challenges, helping to ground one in their own innate wisdom and connection to Mother Earth's mysteries and guidance. My work speaks to the deep need for women to see themselves as sacred, numinous beings, connected to Mother Earth, and to Her Sacred Mysteries which emanate from myths and cultural traditions from around the world. Commingling my Intentional Creativity teachings with these spiritual development tools, I create openings for transmutation and transformation of one's life -- both through coaching and one's own explorations on the canvas.

As an author, my published work is available in anthologies and on my blog. Additionally, I am available as a professional speaker for your group, whether intimate or sizeable, in spiritual as well as secular settings. See Presentations and Publications for more information.

I blend my passions for spiritual transformation, Mother Earth ~ especially as evidenced in our natural world ~ and women’s lived and imagined experiences to the canvas, transforming my Self and those I coach in the process.

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