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Works in Progress

Process from my most popular painting ...

Some of the many steps in painting of My Legendary Self: Fantasy DNA

Get a sneak preview of art I am currently working on ...

Universal Mother_early version - edited.jpg
Universal Mother - WIP - Aug 2022.jpeg

Universal Mother, WIP

Base Layer.jpg
Grounding with Mother Earth.jpeg
Adding in the Universe.jpeg
Adding the Ancestral Tree of Life.jpeg

Painting Beyond Patriarchy - Program in Development, WIP

Inspiration for Bold Blooms.jpeg
Intention for Bold Blooms_edited.jpg
Charcoal sketch for Bold Blooms.jpeg
Beginning Layer - Bold Blooms_edited.jpg
Second Layer - Bold Blooms_edited.jpg
Third Layer - Bold Blooms.jpeg
Bold Blooms, WIP

Into the Woods - shown in progress
Now Complete!

Dancing Between Particle and Wave - shown in progress
Now Complete!

Johari Self I - sessions 1 & 2, WIP

Johari Self II - session 3

Johari Self II - session 3, WIP

Radiating Love_BCD pic.jpg

Radiating Love, 2021
Now Complete!

Radiance detail 2 WIP.jpeg
Radiance prayer dots WIP.jpeg
Details from Radiating Love, WIP 

Hydra's Flare, WIP

Considering my Motherline, WIP

Exploring Medusa & Her Snakes, WIP

Meridian, WIP

My Cells Are Galaxies, WIP

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