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What I Stand For
Home Altar featuring coins from around the world, and Four Primary Elements

Home Altar
featuring coins from around the world and Four Primary Elements

My views are complicated. Which doesn't mean they can't be shared. But sharing is done best when those who are listening have an open heart and mind. Since you're here, I'll assume you do.
My views are complicated because we are complex beings, we people on this planet, whom I refer to as Mother Earth, a being in Her own right. And graciousness.
Yes, it is by Her graciousness, and our relationship with Her, that we live here.
Here is everywhere, every place, and all places are Her. As we are in 
relationship with Her, we would not exist any place without our relationships.
And it is not just people who are here in relationship with Her, but all beings ~ animal, vegetable, mineral and more ~ who dwell here. Five hundred million years ago plants began to grow on Mother Earth, and in their growth began to create the very oxygen upon which we depend. We are all so intrinsically connected, and have always been.

What does all of that have to do with "What I Stand For"?

We all belong, we are all sacred. This I believe about each of us at a core level.

As a belief ~ this belonging, this holding of all life (and death) as sacred ~ is not held as true by all, and has been disrupted, forgotten, warped, hidden, commodified, and misunderstood in recent epochs. 

And the true nature of each of us is as co-creator, sovereign beings.

This too is not a belief held by all, and has certainly been disrupted, commodified, and hidden from most of us.

Recovering that awareness of our co-creative sovereignty is my primary focus, and sincerest desire to assist others in this process as well.

When we are aware of our relationship of honor and respect with Mother Earth, and our true natures we step into the freedom to co-create our lives.

All of that notwithstanding, I believe there are identifiable forces and structures which seek to undermine our sovereign nature. And these structures have been operating for centuries, likely millennia. Although far from an exhaustive list, some of the many ways we have been constrained and contained are through sexism, racism, colonialism, ableism, various economic structures, and separating people from their intrinsic connections with their lands, which also impacts their relationships with Mother Earth. These structures have been created by religions, imperial hierarchies, governments, corporations, educational systems, and more.  

Therefore, I stand for restoring our essential connection to and relationship with Mother Earth and our own co-creative sovereign nature.


And I stand against any force, structure or behavior which seeks to divide us from our relationships with Mother Earth and each other through sexism, racism, colonialism, ableism, capitalism, and more. I hope you stand with me.

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