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Closure Facilitation


As co-creator of your lived experiences, you may find 

that you have learned from a situation or circumstance all

that you require in this lifetime. 

As you move through and resolve your challenges,

I can assist you by facilitating CLOSURE to them,

in love and gratitude, so you can move ahead

with your soul's growth in other arenas.

CLOSURE can be appropriate for a number of

relationships and circumstances.

Watch the video below for an overview of the Closure Facilitation

process, which I combine with Metacognitive Drawing and somatic practices.

Closure Facilitation Process

What to expect:

After a coaching session (or sessions), if you have identified an issue or circumstance for which Closure seems appropriate, we will discuss the components of it to determine whether to move forward with the process. If yes, I will send you a journaling outline to create awareness around the issue for yourself before we begin the process. A major focus of this journaling process is what you have learned from your experiences. There are other key elements as well.

Once this preparation has been completed, you will schedule a separate session in which I will create the container and facilitate the Closure with and for you.

After the session, plan to spend some time integrating the experience by being in a place that nourishes your Soul. (I recommend quiet time alone in nature but this varies with each individual.)

Because each person's experience with Closure is unique, the length of time for the process will vary. Plan to spend a minimum of two hours, including preparation beforehand and follow-up integration.


Caveat: Closure Facilitation will be offered only in those circumstances and with those clients whom I deem it appropriate and timely.

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