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Draft - Course

Come with a curious mind and a willing heart to explore and identify the sources of your known and hidden beliefs. Using select inquiries we will uncover these and discard those that no longer serve our deepest souls. And we will begin the process of co-creating new beliefs that support our highest good, as well as the good of the whole.

"Beliefs and values that have held sway for thousands of years will be questioned as never before."

 ~ Carol P. Christ

Barbara will host and facilitate this gathering via Facebook Live on Monday, MONTH XX - XX, 2022

12:00 - 1:30 PM (PDT)

Offered on a donation basis!

5-Point Process.jpg
From my Body of Work painting
You will need:
Barbara's Medicine Basket_edited.png

  • a large piece of watercolor paper;

  • watercolor or acrylic paint in a variety of colors; 

  • brushes or sponge brushes in a couple of sizes, and water;

  • Sharpie marker;

  • smaller pieces of tracing or tissue paper (or even clips from magazines);

  • glue or gloss medium;

  • markers, pens, crayons or drawing/coloring implements of your choice

  • And absolutely NO artistic experience or talent needed!

Barbara's Medicine Basket, circa 2018
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