Transform your life through art

I guide women who want to delve deeply, on their metamorphic journeys, using spiritual guidance and art creation to illuminate their own inner wisdom thereby transforming their understanding of their deepest selves.

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Barbara C. Daughter

with a work in progress, "Hydra's Flare"

Support for Your Inner Work

Pondering life's mysteries and uncertain of your path?

Are you eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

I help you to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth, grounding your inner wisdom and opening your awareness to knowing that is deeper than “book knowledge.”

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Older woman in lotus pose by the sea
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Guidance for Your Journey

Ready to dive even deeper?

Are you willing to ask the difficult

questions to ponder areas ripe for


My transformational approach will support you as you query your deeply-held beliefs. Using somatic exercises and Intentional Creativity art practices, you will gain a deeper understanding of, and relationship with, your Sovereign Self.

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Intentional Creativity®

Are you ready to let the abundance of your co-creativity flow through your life?

Together we will use soulful inquiries, and a variety of creative practices including Metacognitive Drawing and large-scale paintings, thereby creating the space for your own intuition and deeper knowing to become more present in your awareness, and in your daily life.

How did I get here?

Perhaps you have felt that feeling of yearning to be more of who you know you can become, a type of self-dissatisfaction, that has propelled you to this point in your life.


My own journey has been driven by that very strong push and pull, to discover more of who I am and why my level of awareness felt incomplete.

I pursued a variety of career paths and interests, including creative ones, as well as studying a variety of religious and spiritual traditions and practices. I sought spiritual guidance and wisdom outside myself. These were helpful steps along the way.

Most importantly, I began to take responsibility for my emotions, my reactions, my perceptions, and my beliefs underlying this all. When I owned, with compassion, those areas I perceived as “not enough,” I either came to a calm resolution or transformed them.

I believe you can become your own best self as well.

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Working together 

After a guided meditation/grounding process, connecting deeply to Mother Earth and your heart-soul essence, together we will explore your inquiries and your current understanding of life and where you want to be.


Using further soulful inquiries, breathing & somatic exercises, Metacognitive Drawing, and other Intentional Creativity tools, we will discover some of your infinite possibilities and a deeper connection with your Sovereign Self.


This exploration will outline the path for the next portion of your journey, on which I will continue to serve as your guide as you uncover more areas you wish to transmute.

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Dr. Sarah Glenn

Barbara brings to her sessions a truly astounding maturity, flexibility and skill adjusting to each person’s needs and art level, weaving us together in a beautiful way as she too integrates into her guidance the breadth of her own learnings to the situation at hand. 

Stephanie Hunt

Stephanie Hunt

Barbara is one of the most compassionate and authentic humans I have ever had the privilege to meet. Her acquired knowledge has translated into a mastery of creating a space which lifts others with a radiant energy. She is a gift and I am so excited that she is opening space for others to grow through her spiritual and creative expertise.

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Beth Benson

“Barbara, thank you for all the ways you help me remember how to be me …”


Barbara reached out to me … and offered an Intentional Creativity session on the gifts in your sacred basket … and I honor her as a loving presence and teacher/ facilitator in the world. If you have a chance to study with her, or partake of her offerings, I encourage you to do so.