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Transform Your Empty Nest
IntoYourMedicine Basket

After many years of having set aside your own dreams and visions to provide care for children and other loved ones, are you ready to revisit your unique gifts and aspirations and explore how to bring them into the world? Whether you are a mother, aunt, grandmother, or have had care-giving responsibilities, now is your time to rediscover what you are called to bring to forth at this time. 

Empty Nest.jpeg

Have you come to a point in your life where your responsibilities to others have shifted, and you're wondering, "What's next?"

What's next in the zone of your purpose, your values, your desires in the world?

What's next in the realm of caring for yourself as you care for others, and our planet? What's next in stepping into the fullness of what you have to offer and how you would like to bring that into the world?

Medicine Basket_edited.jpg

Come explore and identify your innate talents, your acquired wisdom and your ways of knowing and being which you have developed as part of your growth processes.

Name them and claim them!

When we identify some of our greatest gifts, we can claim them, and draw upon them when faced with dilemmas or crises.

Create an image of your own qualities and characteristics upon which you can rely in your daily life,

whether in times of challenge, heartbreak and crisis,

or ease and joy.

Uncover your strengths and

acknowledge them so you can build upon them!

Beth Benson & Sam Sinclair & their Medic

Beth Benson and Sam Sinclair with their Medicine Baskets

Barbara's Medicine Basket_edited.png
Barbara's Medicine Basket, c. 2018
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